Make your choice. Sneak peek of #Furr – red pill, blue pill… werewolf stripper, or pie?

Spells&Spirits-lg (1)Howdy-ho, my little droogies and droogettes.

If you’ve been around the last couple of weeks, you are probably well-aware that my newest novel FURR has been released by Tyche Books. FURR is alternately described as a “Modern gothic werewolf fantasy” and “Twin Peaks meets Supernatural in the Canadian Rockies… with werewolf strippers.”

While a full-meal-deal release of my furry book baby is imminent, why wait?

Tyche has released the book, under their Cornucopia imprint, as part of a tremendous box set called SPELLS AND SPIRITS, which is available only for a limited time, and is priced at an unbelievable 99C for seven, count ’em, SEVEN books including:

* SPIRITS RISING (Spirit Caller: Book One) – Krista D. Ball

* DARK WHISPERS (Spirit Caller: Book Two) – Krista D. Ball


* SEEING THE LIGHT (A Marie Jenner Mystery: Book One) – E.C. Bell

* FURR – Axel Howerton

* BLOODLINES (Demons of Oblivion: Book One) – Skyla Dawn Cameron

* MEMORY AND DREAM – Charles de Lint

And we are currently sitting just under the top 10 on Amazon in both #Paranormal and #UrbanFantasy. We hit #2 last week. Let’s kick it up to Number One With A Silver Bullet, shall we?

In any case, today is my day to shine in the land of limited-availability, shared-author box sets. Promo Day!

So I’ve got a little treat for you.


Choose the BLUE PILL and you get to meet Mary-Ellen, proprietor of Pitamont’s weirdest little roadside pie shop. A weird, fun, but mostly PG-13 slice of #Furr that will give you a taste of that Damn Fine Fiction.

Choose the RED PILL and you are going straight to the seediest part of town to meet Jules. Werewolf stripper. ‘Nuff said?

Once you’re done there, slide on over to the FURR page to see the links to pick up this amazing box set.

And don’t forget to sign up for the GotHow? Newsletter. You get a free ebook (which will be updated with new FURR-related stories in the next couple of weeks), as well as a free advance copy of the collection of HOT SINATRA (my first, and Ellis Award-nominated, novel) stories that is also due in December!



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