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AxelHowsHowDeeDooYep. It’s all wrapped up and ready to go. Axel How’s How-Dee-Doo. Only for GotHow? Newsletter subscribers. You can’t get this on the Amazonz, or Kobobo, or any other damned place. Only here. Only by signing up for the quietest, least-obtrusive, hardly noticed email list on the planet. Seriously. Like 4 emails a year. This new mini-collection features a couple of old favorites, now available ONLY in this collection, and a couple of extra treats you’ll find nowhere else. Jenny In Stars: The original Mossimo Cole short story that starts it all. Once available as a special post on the Evolved website when HOT SINATRA first came out. Now rejiggered, retitled and reconstructed only for my GotHow? besties. Also in the mix is the oft-acclaimed His Dark Flag, a Brautigan-style poetic piece of flash that was once featured on EWR Writers Resource site right between Nathanial Hawthorne and James Joyce. I’m still pretty sure that was some kind of mistake, but I’ll take it! Then check out a little poem I wrote especially for the collection, which was also submitted to the Kintsugi Poet archives, Death Sits Pretty On His Lips. Finally, one of the weirdest little things I’ve done, something that seems to be thoroughly enjoyed by most, Henry Rollins and the Better Butter Bacon Burger. Now only available in this little collection that is strictly reserved for GotHow? newsletter subscribers. So if you’re hanging ’round these parts anyways, trying to keep abreast of my meager accomplishments, why not sign up now? Be the first to get all the news that’s fit to print, get all the best deals on new releases (both from me, and from my good pals at Coffin Hop Press) like free pre-release copies of new books, invitations to beta read, special GotHow? gang swag, and whatever other little treats my sweaty brain can conceive. Click it up and get it on! Get your free copy of Axel How’s How-Dee-Doo right freakin’ now! push-button-green-512C


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