WWC 2014 Exclusive!

The annual WHEN WORDS COLLIDE convention happens right here in Calgary in less than two weeks. While the convention itself is a “membership only” kind of deal, there will be an autograph session on Saturday, August 9 from 8-9PM at the Carriage House Inn, where you will find me ready to sign your copies of HOT SINATRA and whatever Axel Howerton ephemera you can come up with. In addition, I’ve prepared something special. I’ll have two new stories available as DIY chapbooks, Coffin Hop Press-style, available at “Name Your Price” value!

I am only printing TWENTY of each of these bad boys. They will be numbered and personally signed by yours truly. One story will be more in the nimrod-noir genre I’ve mined with Moss Cole and the gang, the other will be a little more Lit-tastic. Here’s a little sneak-a-peek:

DGB chap

So come on down and pick one up!

Your very own limited edition Axel Howerton!


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