#GotHow ?

Welcome to the new and improved, streamlined and renewed

Official Axel Howerton Website!

#GotHow ?


Then go get you some.


And keep your eyes open for new Kindle singles of your favorite Manlove & Kickerdick stories in the next couple of weeks, as well as rejiggered ebook versions of Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy and Hum (from the now OOP classic A CAREER GUIDE TO YOUR JOB IN HELL)

And stay tuned for a planned release of a new Manlove & Kickerdick adventure in early August, just in time for the 2014 When Words Collide convention (where I will be appearing on a plethora of panels with such Canadian luminaries as Janice MacDonald and SG Wong), as well as news on the updated schedules for THE HORSE ALWAYS GETS IT FIRST and THE KEY TO STEAM AND SALVATION coming in 2015 from Coffin Hop Press!


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