#HOTSINATRA in FOUR languages!

Just a reminder that you can now pick up  Hot Sinatra in French, Italian and Spanish translations!


hot sinatra NCMoss Cole is a private detective, the kind you thought only existed in old movies and afternoon reruns. He’s smart, talented, sometimes even charming. You’d think he could find a better gig than carrying on his grandfather’s legacy as a ‘Private Dick.’Cole is out of money, out of ideas, and out of his league. That’s why he’s stuck looking for a stolen Sinatra record… a record that may be just a figment of an old man’s imagination.Of course, if that were true, Moss wouldn’t have so many people busting down his door.PRAISE FOR “HOT SINATRA”:

“Axel Howerton is one of the best new crime fiction writers out there—hell, one of the best writers, period. Do yourself a favor and settle into Axel’s groove.” – Scott S. Phillips, Author of “Squirrel Eyes” and “Tales of Misery & Imagination,” and Writer/Director of “Stink of Flesh” and “Gimme Skelter”

“It’s been a while since I read a PI hard boiled detective book that caught me up so completely. The usual cast of noir characters are here:cranky, maybe senile client (with a past), a crazy Mafia enforcer, Yakuza, the sweet young thing who is the light of the detective’s life, drugs and Mexican cartels and all clash over a vinyl recording made by Frank Sinatra. While it is definitely in the Philip Marlowe genre, HOT SINATRA also showed flashes of Burn Notice. Which is not a bad thing at all.” Robert E. Vardeman, Author of the “God of War”, “Swords of Raemllyn” and “Cenotaph Road” series.

“Moss Cole sizzles hotter than bacon.” –
Red Tash, Author of “Troll Or Derby” and “This Brilliant Darkness”

 Currently listed for the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel
UP!Author Approved







Barnes & Noble

And other online retailers, or on order from your local bookstore!

Available in ebook and paperback from Evolved Publishing.



ESPANOL (Tranlsated by Lucía Vigón Menéndez)

ITALIANO (Translated by Massimo Mattera)

FRANCAIS (Translated by Audrey Kowalevicz)

And special thanks to the amazing Ana Popielnicki for overseeing all of that!


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