Here comes the boom! #CoffinHop style!


Yeah, baby. World Series action tonight. Check out my fackin’ angry champeen beahhdy face… GO SOX!

On top of that, I need to do another recording of Amy K. Marshalls super-boss story The Ghosts of Kuskulana for the #CoffinHop

Yeah, I guess I also have to start writing posts for #CoffinHop

I’ve pretty much spent what feels like about 10 hours per day the last week getting everything set-up for the Hop, finalizing DEATH BY DRIVE-IN publishing with the absolutely amazing team from Sirens Call Publishing, chasing down lollygaggers and miscreants, updating website lists, twitter handles, email rosters, blah blah blah… on top of working my two day jobs.

As I mentioned yesterday, COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN is now available and entirely benefitting the good folks at as does the newly-refurbished COFFIN HOP STORE, now featuring exclusive COFFIN HOP PRESS gear. Pick that shit up. Wear it to yo office Xmas party. Get a little drunk. Chance a little grabby. Send me a copy of your mug shot.

Now… OFF TO HOPPIN’! Check back tomorrow for the first of any posts and prizes and check out for all the fun starting tomorrow morning!


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