DEATH BY DRIVE-IN now available!

Just in time for #CoffinHop (which starts on Thursday, don’t forget)

I just found this on the Amazons:


DOZENS of amazing stories from the likes of Jessica McHugh, Dan Dillard, Pavarti K. Tyler and many many more of our great Coffin Hoppers.

Go get your copies now! KINDLE and PAPERBACK with all proceeds going to our friends at


Also available as of five minutes ago… This lovely little piece of horror antho from #CoffinHop ‘s own Katie John, and featuring dark poetry from yours truly, and a story from ol’ big sis Red TashNIGHT SHADE: VOLUME 1


Now, housecleaning-wise, Scotty Phillips is unavailable for Saturday night’s scheduled movie time, which makes THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER just that little bit less appealing. In the hopes of making things a little more accessible to all of my tweeps, I’m switching up to a drunk-and-on-drugs-super-happy-fun-time viewing of BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, which is readily available on the Netflix. 10PM (MST) this Saturday night. @AxelHow for all the 80’s retro-sci-fi-mindfuck-bizarro glory you can handle.

Also, don’t forget about the CH Art Show right here on . I’ll be taking submissions from the 24th to the 30th at, just e-me a photo of your creations… sculptures, paintings, doily-weaving, crayon-on-napkin-murals, burned-toast-Leatherfaces… whatever, man. Winner gets a painting and a book!


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