Steampunk Originals and Empire of Steam & Rust

Featuring RULE BRITANNIA: THE MESSENGER by Axel Howerton and Red Tash, art by Steven Yarbrough and inks by Seth Rutledge.

I’ve also been approached to write an entry in the EMPIRE OF STEAM & RUST universe created by Robert E. Vardeman and Nathan Long, which you can check out HERE.

It’s a very cool concept set in an alternate “steampunk” version of 1915, where strange portals of different sizes and dimensional origin begin appearing all over the world. So far there are 4 entries: GATEWAY TO RUST & RUIN by Robert E. Vardeman, HEART OF STEAM & RUST by Stephen D. Sullivan, UNFORESEEN: JOURNEY THROUGH RUST & RUIN by Sarah Bartsch, and the upcoming REVOLUTION OF AIR & RUST by David Lee Summers. Hopefully I can get on this early in the New Year, once HOT SINATRA is wrapped and released.


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