Axel Howerton on Edin Road Radio this Thursday!

That’s right kids. Yours truly will be making an appearance on Edin Road Radio this Thursday, October 18 at 6:30PM Eastern.

We’ll be chatting Coffin Hop, the DEATH BY DRIVE-IN anthology and EP Collectors edition, and I’ll be reading an excerpt of some dang thing that is still TBD.

Wanna hear me butcher the English language with my ridiculous Canadian accent and proclivity for ending sentences with eh? Want to hear me garble and grumble through a live reading? Want to hear me blush and stammer at the mere idea of talking about myself?

EDIN ROAD on BLOG TALK RADIO Thursday at 6:30 ET /4:30 Pacific!

And check out that amazing freaking Coffin Hop art by the inimitable R.L. Treadway!


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