Going APE? Don’t miss the best table in town.

My ol’ pal Nic Caesar will be amongst the twisted ranks of the Alternative Press Expo being thrown by the good folks who put on the SDCC every year. If you’re in the San Francisco area and headed down to the big show (which features everyone from Sergio Aragones, Gil, Jaime and Mario Hernandez to Jim Woodring and Miriam Libicki)
BE SURE to stop by Booth #714B and pick up some of these new goodies:

A couple of snafus prevented my strips from showing up in Filthy Cake and Pit & The Compendium,but I can tell you for an absolute FACT that these books are filled to the brim with amazing art and hardcore stories. Nic’s Mosquito & Spider books are about the funniest shit you could possibly dig up at the Con, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better bang for your buck anywhere on Earth.

Those of you NOT in San Fran this weekend will be able to pick these titles up online in the immediate future, and I just may get those strips, or some other stuff, out in the comic world PDQ.


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