Just in case an…


Just in case anyone missed the update in the Coffin Hop members group, or on the Coffin Hop web page . The anthology has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control. Rest assured, this does not affect the 2012 Coffin Hop event, nor the anthology itself. The selections have been made and the book WILL be released, but to be sure we present the most amazing tome possible, we are going to take our time and polish it like the diamond it is. Expect COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN to be available for pre-order next year, and debut just in time to add to promotions for Coffin Hop 2013!

Many thanks to all of the readers and editors involved thus far, and special thanks to Pavarti K Tyler (http://www.fightingmonkeypress.com/)  for all of her hard work supporting our previous release date. If you are an author on the hunt for PR assistance, Pavarti is the absolute best in the business.

Stay tuned for news on this years event and upcoming thrills and chills! And don’t forget to shop the Official Coffin Hop store, for all your CH2012 gear!


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