Hugo Medley deserves a Dad…

Pursuant to the last post, regarding my furious outburst at the number of self-aggrandizing bullies and sycophantic narcissists weighing in on the Aurora, Colorado tragedy in exactly the worst way possible… Here’s a better way to react:

Warner Brothers has coughed up a fairly large amount of money, and I believe the official “victim’s fund” is already up around $2 million, but this story, in particular, struck me as one that needs to see a most excellent ending. If the interwebz can raise $500K+ for an old lady who got bullied on a bus, I’m sure they can see this story end as well as possible.

As a Dad, a Husband and an Artist, this story really hit home for me. I remember sitting in the theater on opening weekend of THE DARK KNIGHT with my viddy preggo wife. We are both big fans of the Bat, and were very excited to get a nice evening together in a cool, dark respite from the summer heat, in a somewhat comfortable chair. The idea that something as heinous as what went down in Aurora could have happened is pretty much unimaginable, but it sure hits me now.

Caleb Medley is a Husband, Artist (yes, Stand-Up Comedians can be considered artists) and now he’s a brand new Dad. He’s also in a coma, down an eye and may have irreparable brain damage. He’s also looking at some pretty nasty hospital bills and a long, hard recovery when he wakes up.

So let’s all quit our bitching and complaining, leave off the backseat parenting, news-hawking,  conspiracy theorizing and anonymous conjecture and DO SOMETHING TO HELP. This young man, and his new family, are some of the victims of Aurora. Ease your conscience with $10 or $20 and help save a family suffering through tragedy.

Or you Crackbookers can go to here:


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