Bite on Sinatra!

That title will be sure to confuse some tweeps.

Yep. Got a bite on Hot Sinatra. They said that “despite the grammatical issues”, they couldn’t stop reading and really liked my “powerful voice” (cue small amount of whizz in my jockeys). I apologized for my Canadian edumacation and sent off the full manuscript last night. We should hear back in 3-4 weeks, should make for a tense mid-summer. Not to mention those damn Red Sox… though, if Lester was going to give up a 3-run homer to anybody, I’m glad it was The Youk.

In other news…

Coffin Hop submissions are closed, so now to dig into the last minute pile and see what we can see. There’s at least a couple of promising tales in there. With the Coffin Hop 2012: Death By Drive-In anthology on my plate, the Manlove & Kickerdick XXXmas story, a Stephen King review due any day now, and half-a-dozen other commitments, I am a very tired boy. Call Ma. Send Coffee.

9 thoughts on “Bite on Sinatra!”

  1. Well, funny thing grammar have you listened to the way people speak? Even these so called experts, who have no degrees in the subject, no degree in anything. I am sure your book is fine. Grow up in one country and move to another like I did your damn from the get go. I am looking forward the fall Coffin Hop 2012. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Kitty. I’m only a half-step away from your situation already. Not a real Amerkin, not a real Brit. Just a sad, ignored, forgotten stepchild, playing with his bacon and syrup.

  3. Welcome to the Peed Pants Club, bro. Although, the rest of us are laughing behind our hands ’cause you’re the first dude.


    Cheers, Ash

  4. Great news, Axel! Glad to hear it. Sorry about your Red Sox struggles. In case you haven’t heard the Cubs are sellers at the deadline, so let us know what you need, if anything. I’ll let Theo know. What? Yeah, you’re probably right. He already knows…


  5. Congrats on the good news! I raise a cup of Timmy’s in both salutation and anticipation of more good news to come.

  6. Hey, gotta leave *something* for an editor to fix! I can’t wait to hear how this goes. They better not change a hair on Moss’ head, though, or they’ll have to face my wrath! Such a sexy fella!

    When I was reading it, I remember I posted something to the effect that I’d never developed a crush on a protagonist before, and one of my avid reader friends was like “Really?! Never?!”

  7. Well, I’m sure Mr. Cole would be much obliged. I’m sure any changes will be collaborative, so I should be able to keep him the shining bastion of manliness that you were smit with.


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