SOLD! My latest Manlove & Kickerdick story 999 Problems for next year’s “Queer” issue of Big Pulp! So keep an eye out for that next June 😉

There is also an M&K “yuletide carol” being composed for a yet-to-be-named Christmas collection in the works. This one is being put together by the indomitable Red Tash and may feature some pretty magnificent peeps. Details to follow…

And never count out HOT SINATRA. Still waiting to hear back on a couple of bites, but Crime/Comedy/Romance/Jazz/Punk Rock/Lit is a hard sell for some reason. Regardless, that book WILL be out later this year. So get ready for the Manlove & Kickerdick revolution!

In other news, Friday’s the deadline for the Coffin Hop Anthology, which is shaping up nicely. Great stuff from the aforementioned Red Tash, The McHugh, Amy Marshall, C.W. LaSart and more, as well as an exclusive Robot Lincoln & Zombie Jackson tale, art by Nic Caesar, a cover by the amazing Chris Dow, and much much more. All going to benefit . A long road of editing, design, formatting, marketing , etc etc etc lies ahead on our way to October 24. Mark your calendars and polish your reader screens… We’re coming to get you, Barbara!

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