International Short Story Day

It’s International Short Story Day. I wish I could have something new finished for y’all, but day jobs being what they are, time is at a premium and, between Joan of A.R.C., the Coffin Hop Anthology, and a mountain of other projects… well, I just haven’t gotten around to finishing any new stuff. Such is Life and So It Goes…

So instead, let me encourage you all to go read at least ONE short story, in honor of all the hard-working fictioneers out there. Read some Fitzgerald, some Bradbury, some Poe… crack that old copy of The Dubliners, get your King on, stop by the library and devour some Dutch Leonard. If you can’t find anything that strikes your fancy, go to one of the many online retailers that would “stock” Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy, my mini-collection featuring five of my favorite recent tales. It’s still a buck at Amazon, if you feel like throwing a near-starving brother a bone. But I’d be just as tickled if you grabbed it for free on Smashwords (where you can get it for all formats in one convenient place instead of laying out 12 different links 😉 )

Now get to readin’!





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