Versatile Blogger Award

 I will admit to having been blessed, since the magic time of year known as #CoffinHop , with a plethora of new friends of the writerly persuasion. It has led to a great number of new connections, new followers and new confidants and co-conspirators. One of those new peeps, the lovely and talented Georgina Morales, has awarded lil’ ‘ol me with the “Versatile Blogger” Award!

Apparently, the way this deal works is:

#1) I thank, and link, the awarding Author, namely Georgina Morales of Diary of a Writer in Progress

#2) I pass this honor on to 5 fellow bloggers I feel worthy of the recognition. They are known as:

C.W. LaSart – What Really Scares Me

Red Tash – RedTash.Com

Paul W. Dail – A Horror Writer’s Not Necessarily Horrific Blog

Renee Pawlish – To Become A Writer

Kim Koning – Wrestling The Muse

All of these writers/bloggers bring a different voice (and unquestionable love for their craft) to the myriad behind-the-scenes trials and tribulations, tips and tricks, laughs and tears of The Writerly Life. I respect and admire them all and they all certainly deserve this award more than I probably do.

#3) Finally, I am supposed to divulge seven random facts about Axel. I assume these are meant to be intriguing trivia tidbits, so I will try to make them good:

I am an ordained Dudeist priest. I can actually conduct marriage ceremonies in the name of El Dudarino. I am also a high-ranking member of the Church of Ed Wood.

I was a singer in my youth, vocal jazz mostly, though I also fronted a couple of bands – one punk, one pub-core covers of 90’s rock hits.  Our guitarist got us a gig that turned out to be hosting a four-hour jam. We had to learn 16 songs in a week. I still can’t forget the words to “Wonderwall”.

Lou Ferrigno owes me $5

I was an amateur boxer/kickboxer for several years and still find myself lost in a punch-drunk fog on occasion. I also consistently bob and weave when ducking would be much more appropriate.

I have slightly webbed hands and feet. I do not have gills.

I have a massive tattoo of Leatherface on my upper left thigh.

I frequently write on my patio, clad in boxer shorts, a porkpie hat and a Grady Tripp style bathrobe. The neighbours at the old folks home think I’m “queer”.

So, there you have it, kids. Please visit all of the above-mentioned authors, check out their sites, sample their wares. They are excellent writers, all.

And don’t forget to check out Living Dead @ Zigfreidt & Roy on Kindle (FREE this Friday and Saturday!!)

10 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. I’m happy to say I’m the first to read this. =) Thanks for your lovely words, I’m honored you consider me a friend.

    Boy, there’s so much more to you I didn’t know! You are quite a bundle and I’m just a sucker for mystery, so I’ll keep coming back for more and see what else I can learn about you. BTW, I’m checking out all those blogs, some I know and follow but there are a couple that are new for me. Thanks for the tip. 😉

  2. Gulp! Thanks for sharing. *laughs*
    Very cool. Congrats on the award. I, too, am thankful for having participated in the Coffin Hop. It has opened doors and created (I hope) lasting friendships. I’ve always wanted to be a co-conspirator. Wait! Nobody’s getting strung up, right?


  3. Much thanks, brother. Unfortunately, I was already given the Versatile Blogger Award by Blaze McRob, but it’s an honor to find that someone else thinks me deserving. And you have some great other recipients (the only one I’m not familiar with is Renee, but I’ll be sure to check out her blog).

    Great list of details. I, too, was a front man for a band in the early 90’s. Mostly covers, but we had a few originals. And a great band name: This Old Man.

    Not quite sure what to say about the rest of your list, except, “The Dude abides.”

    Here was my list of seven details if you get an opportunity:

    Thanks again. Hope you have a good weekend.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog.

  4. LOve the company I am in….now that is a cool scary bunch of writers!
    MWAH to you Axel for the award!
    Thank YOU for the #CoffinHop…met so many likeminded people and had a blast! Looking forward to the next #CoffinHop!
    Love the post btw 😀
    – Kim


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