Living Dead lives again!!

My Vegas Zombiepocalypse novella Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy has been removed from Smashwords and affiliate sellers to try out on Amazon’s Kindle Select program, which means it is now available to “borrow” from the Amazon library, and will also occasionally be FREE at certain points over the next 90 days. It will be going FREE this Friday and Saturday as a celebratory introductory un-birthday extravaganza of death and destruction!!

Blood and Coffee. Cowboys and Zombies. Welcome to the Last Diner at the End of the World. The coffee’s hot and the ghoulish army of the undead isn’t due for a few more minutes. Take a load off, fill your cup and listen to the last story of how the world ends. Not with a whimper, nor a cry, but with the roar of white tigers and the blazing neon of the Vegas strip.


This one is 5-star rated, much ballyhooed and was a featured book on 5-Star Books last month. Get it now for a buck! Or pick it up FREE Friday and Saturday on Amazon. Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy

2 thoughts on “Living Dead lives again!!”

  1. Way to be a pioneer, my friend. I’ve been hearing mixed feelings about the Kindle Select, so you’ll have to keep us all posted.

    Read your piece in the “A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell” anthology. I dug it. Started out almost comical, reminiscent of “Joe vs. the Volcano,” but then it definitely took a turn for the dark

    A quick question. Is the scene with Trina ripping the sunglasses off supposed to be duplicated on Tuesday and Wednesday, or was that a formatting/editing error? Honestly, if it was intentional, it worked, but I had to stop and go back and check to see if it was exactly the same, so it kind of pulled me out of the story a little. But I was quickly sucked right back in.

    And then… whoa…. and he picked up the what? eww, that’s not good.

    ” *** just fell over. I guess he must have passed out. Weird.” – I chuckled aloud at this line.

    Anyway, good luck with LD@ZR. I have it and look forward to getting to it.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

  2. Thanks, man! That is a formatting error that has haunted me endlessly. Honestly, it wasn’t one of my favorite pieces and not entirely representative of my usual style, but it worked for the theme of the anthology. If you haven’t checked out Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy, pick that one up on the weekend (Free on Kindle Friday/Saturday) or check out the first few chapters of Hot Sinatra in the “lending library” above. Those are much more in line with my usual meandering smartassery.


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