National Short Story Day

Yep. Not only is today Winter Solstice, not only is it the 9th day of Christmas and t-3 days to Santa, it is also National Short Story Day… in the UK… But here’s where I assert my Canadian status as a subject of the British Crown. I’m making it INTERNATIONAL short story day, and here’s what I have in store:

First, the National Short Story Day UK site has put out a twitter challenge to write a story in 10 words. Here’s my offering:

“Quiet beginnings rumble ever forward, becoming the engine of Fate.”

Secondly, I invite y’all to check out the Lending Library on the main menu bar up there. I’m going to add some new old stories to the few that are residing there. A personal favorite, recently praised by the likes of Jason McKinney (author of Dog World, spotlighted here yesterday) is the Star Wars spoof Dark Flush of the Sith

Third, I encourage you to pick up some short fiction for somebody’s stocking. There’s still tons of good stuff at your local independent bookstores, and there’s always time to email somebody some digital… like short story offerings from any of the magnificent authors on display in this month’s 12 Days of #Creepfest, or even something like A Career Guide To Your Job In Hell, featuring fine wordmongers like Scott Phillips, Bob Vardeman and Victor Milan, and some other guy… name escapes me… PICK IT UP FOR $6.66


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