Jason McKinney’s DOG WORLD for 12 Days of #Creepmas

Today’s 12 Days of #Creepfest tidbit comes courtesy of the Madman of Madison, Tennessee, Mr Jason Mckinney. Author of Memoirs of the Walking Dead and Dog World, McKinney is one of the many superstars of the Indie Horror scene (check out his festive craziness “Jingle Hell” over at JHSked‘s site).

I asked McKinney about the genesis of Dog World, a novel that sees the end coming, not from the walking dead, but in the form of a Werewolf Apocalypse, which I thought was a most ingenious twist on the usual cannibals and zombies.

Dog World came about from a dream I had around 12 years ago. I was on a fortress wall in some desert with a group of soldiers defending against attacking werewolves.

I remember the attack was in the middle of the day and everyone was firing down on the lycan attackers. In the dream I had a belt fed machine gun and I leaned over to fire but nothing happened when I pulled the trigger. I opened up the cover to check the bolt and there wasn’t one. I tossed the useless machine gun aside and pulled out a 9mm Beretta. As I took aim the slide fell off, leaving me holding just the pistol’s frame. Then the werewolves looked up at me and began to laugh and point at my inability to do anything.

The dream inspired a short story. I worked on that short story off and on until I saw Dog Soldiers. Seeing that movie really got the gears moving. So much so that that my short story became Dog World.

Dog World is an original, exciting and fast-paced read that weaves current events, political intrigues and the terrors of war, with the shape-shifting horror we’ve all been sorely missing. It’s like a perfect storm of Tom Clancy, McCammon and The Howling. The werewolves have been relegated to the back burner as supporting characters in horror-lite stuff like Twilight and True Blood for far too long. Time to let the dogs out and howl at the moon, and Dog World is just the book to start with.

I can not recommend McKinney’s book enough, and also suggest that you check out Memoirs of the Walking Dead, which you can see an excerpt of on Jason’s site. I also suggest you follow him on The Twitters, lest ye be thrown to the wolves come judgement day… @jason_mckinney

And one happy commenter is walking out of here with a digital copy of Dog World from the Madman hisself! So get all up in it and tell us your favorite Werewolf flick and I’ll draw a name on Friday!

Til then… Peep This – you ugly, Chrismassy muhrfuhrs:

 And don’t forget to keep on Creepin’ on with these Masters of Mayhem

15 thoughts on “Jason McKinney’s DOG WORLD for 12 Days of #Creepmas”

  1. You know,I watched American Werewolf in London again recently, and it seriously cracked me up. I don’t think I gave it the proper respect, before. Well done, Jason.

  2. Thanks for hosting Jason, Axel. I would really like to read Dog World and also like the twist he made on the apocalyptic genre by using werewolves. I liked Teen Wolf growing up. I also had recurring nightmares as a kid of the Highway to Heaven guy with the beard turning into a werewolf and chasing me. I can’t remember if that was purely my imagination or if it was based off a Halloween special, (doubt it), but if not it felt that real and should be done, cause it was terrifying.

  3. FTW Indeed! Ain’t nobody beats Ol’ Tom. I actually had a hand in the beginnings of a story featuring Tom Waits as Old Scratch, pouncing on Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn in a Vegas comedy club bathroom and offering them the sticky deal of choosing betwixt Rock N’ Roll Heaven or Heavy Metal Hell. I need to call my partner and get back on that one.

  4. Thanks, Axel, but I actually just won it from him on his giveaway. So, you can read another name to spread the wealth. Thank you, though. It always feels good to be a winner.


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