12 Days of #Creepfest – Meet Jason Darrick and FEAR HIS WORDS!

Today’s 12 Days of #Creepfest treat brings us the colossally talented Jason Darrick and his excellent collection Fear in Words Vol. 1: The Stories available on Amazon, and his FREE companion piece Fear in Words Vol.2: The Poems, which  you can dig up on Smashwords. Jason also writes and reviews all things “horror” on the popular Dreadful Tales website.

Darrick’s debut tome swerves in package and contents, from flash fic to short story, and from the more traditional gothic terrors of mysterious figures and people stranded among the wilds of nature, to the modern macabre of body horror and horrifically extreme BDSM. Bloody, gory, disturbing, and – above all – entertaining, Fear in Words Vol. 1: The Stories is a damn fine collection of truly nightmarish stories from a fantastic emerging author. Pick it the F up and scare your jingle bells clean off!

Now, it’s been awful quiet up in these parts, but get on the comment board and let us know you’re out there, and somebody will be getting Master Darrick’s two-fer of terror in their stocking.

Now check out this little treat from the greatest TV show ever made:

Then rock out to some bloody Ramones. Cuz it’s CHRISTMAS, BABY!

And don’t forget to keep CREEPING!

5 thoughts on “12 Days of #Creepfest – Meet Jason Darrick and FEAR HIS WORDS!”

  1. Very cool, Axel. Jason has quickly become one of my favorite new pals along the ‘net and I thank you for taking this opportunity to spotlight his work. *raises glass of wine toward the Great White North*


  2. I’m always on the lookout for creepy short horror to mix in with my novel reading. Jason’s sounds interesting. Will check that out. Thanks for the post, Axel.


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