First rule of #CoffinHop Book Club? Hyenathropes, Chihuahua Yetis and Juggalos, oh my!

#CoffinHop is in full swing, with 100 Master Blasters of Horror swinging for the fences. I am going to endeavor to highlight a few of them in the next 7 days. First up, Senor Rob Mosca, aka “Jack Babylon”, who you can meet and greet at where he’s giving away an autographed copy of the book. Me? I’m going to give you the low-down on this gonzo tome, then offer up a digital copy of High Midnight and a copy of my story Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy.

High Midnight is the debut novel from Rob Mosca, a vibrant new word artist with a taste for the bizarre and a talent for lean, mean action and Sergio Leone-style setups.

Jumping back and forth between a recent timeline and a near-future post-apocalypse where the world is rife with “walkers”, and the town of Unity, Texas is sitting on a fault-line to hell and overrun with cryptids, supernatural beasts, and the occasional murderous clown.

Keeping the peace in this no-man’s land of lost chances and dying dreams is Laredo Beaumont – ex-trucker, former enmascerado, current aimless drunk – and his Dostoyevsky-reading, knife-throwing, European man-monkey deputy Cicero. Long story short? A pack of clown-faced madmen come looking for the sheriff and death comes to Unity. In between there’s Chihuahua Yetis, Hyenathropes, mad zombie carnage, ghost whores, drinkin’ thinkin’, stinkin’ and a sex scene that is both beautiful and utterly surreal in its strangeness.

Well-written in a gritty style with a mix of the low-down bravado of Bukowski and the jokey cool of Tarantino, filtered through a B-movie lens. This is the Spaghetti Western/Southern Fried Caper/Halloween Monster Mash you never knew you wanted. Get it, read it, pass it along and give Rob Mosca a reason to write another one of these high-concept thrill rides.

Now, to win a digital copy of High Midnight and a copy of my story Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy, go to Rob Mosca’s site “Confessions of a Fuck-up Artist” and report back here in the comments with the name of his soon-to-debut Zombie serial. I’ll pull a name at random and announce the winner tomorrow morning. Then get to hopping at the Official #CoffinHop website and visit some of the 100 amazing horror authors on display this week!

P.S. *Don’t sweat if you don’t see your comment. I’ll keep them hidden until tomorrow morning, so as not to give the game away 😉

8 thoughts on “First rule of #CoffinHop Book Club? Hyenathropes, Chihuahua Yetis and Juggalos, oh my!”

  1. Hey, Axel! Great hop you are running here. I just wish that i didn’t have to work my 11 hour day job before getting to join the fun. Oh well!
    I believe that the name of the serial is called: Ride.
    Enjoy the hop, my friend…


  2. Very awesome blog you have, love all that you are doing for the blog hop.

    Hope everyone enjoys the hop!


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