Here it comes, the new most wonderful time of the year! COFFIN HOP!

There are LITERALLY 100 different horror authors ready to shock you! Thrill you! Cajole you into a sense of safety and comfort and then ROCK YOU!

So, for the next week, from today until the 31st, check back here for a new post and a new contest every single day. Then go check out 9 or 10 or 32 of these amazing authors and see what they have to offer… Prizes abounds! Free books! Goodies and ghouls galore!


Now, for this weeks EvilAxel spesheeealliteees…

Later today I will be posting a Book Club review of Rob Mosca’s High Midnight attached to that post will be a contest to win a Kindle copy of the book.

Tomorrow will be “Movie Day” and, in addition to some Halloween movie massacre goodness,  you’ll have a chance to win your choice of three of these godawful Z-movie gems

Titles include: Boy Meets Girl, Red Silk, Sixteen Tongues, The Deviants, Lucky, Night of the SharksSatan’s Cannibal Holocaust, Urban Flesh, Syngenor, the legendary Monsturd and many more!

More contests will be happening every day with free ebooks, copies of A Career Guide to Your Job In Hell, custom bookmarks from Designs By The Divine Ms Liz and a custom Victorian Gothic-style choker also from The Divine One

Worst picture taker ever! But you get an idea of the kind of swag we’re talkin’ bout! Zombie stickers! Vampire tissues! Melting hands! Vintage Nudie Horror Posters!

So stay tuned to your friendly neighborhood Axel Man, and be sure to check out the excellent authors on the COFFIN HOP!

10 thoughts on “COFFIN HOP IS GO!”

  1. Good morning. I’ve been Coffin Hopping without the morning coffee which could be dangerous. I’m impressed with the movie giveaway. Haven’t seen Monsturd and that sounds like a great date night movie Jason would love. I’ll keep visiting throughout the week!

  2. Milo, you’re a man after my own heart. Julie, I will neither confirm, nor deny, the quality of a film that would name itself “Monsturd”. CW, I’m hoping to finish up the High Midnight review over my lunch hour. So check back in an hour or two.

  3. hi Axel, Rebecca here #42 – hopping along this lovely tour in numerical order. 🙂 cooking up a true story about a haunted house for my next blog post. Not part of the contest but I have to update my blog anyway. Will make this Halloween week! woot!


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