Real Steel review on ECN!

Real Steel is the kind of 80’s PG-13 action-adventure/comedy-relationship flick you’ve been waiting for since, well, the 80’s. Loosely based on the Richard Matheson story “Steel” (and by loosely based on, I mean took the central idea of boxing robots from…), Real Steel follows down-on-his-luck ex-boxer Charlie Kenton (Jackman), a man stuck in a near-future funk,  his boxing career taken away when human pugilism was replaced by the bigger show of giant robots beating each other to “death”. Charlie struggles against his own bad decisions and his fragile ego more than anything else, which seems to lock him into a constant state of broke-ass despair. Check out my review of the Hugh Jackman robot-boxing flick REAL STEEL now live on the Eyecrave Network!!


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