Holy Bazonkers, Batmensch!

October is shaping up to be a busy mother******.

I now have Rob Mosca’s debut novel High Midnight, Guy Adams’ new Sherlock Holmes book Breath of God, and Max Allan Collins’ completion of Mickey Spillane’s The Consummata piled up for Book Club. I’m also on the list for an interview with the estimable Mr. Collins.

THEN… I got an email yesterday, “Would you like to review our DVD release of Snuff Box?” Snuff Box being a bizarro brit-com sketch show featuring one Matt Berry, of IT Crowd notoriety. “Yes, please”. “Would you also be interested in interviewing Mr. Barry?” I believe I then offered to sell my electric sex pants for the slightest chance of talking to Matt Motherflippin’ Berry.

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about… this is Matt Berry, and these are his electric sex pants

Then I was invited to a press screening for Hugh Jackman’s Robot Jox flick Real Steel. Add to that the Slices of Flesh contest, trying to prep a new Kindle book, hopefully reviewing the almighty Frankenhooker, the Frightful Fall Read-A-Thon, possibly reviewing another Sherlockish tome, working on Hot Sinatra and a half-dozen short stories in various states of undress, Wordfest, Halloween with my wife The Pumpkin Queen and the little goblins aaaaaaaaaaand helping the ever-awesome Julie Jansen organize the 1st Annual Coffin Hop… boy are my arms gonna be tired!


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