WINNER! 2009 National Novel Writing Month

That’s right! I beat the NaNoWriMo, MassaPuggaFoMoDingo!

After dragging my ass out of bed at 6AM on the weekend and 4:30AM today, I managed to hit 50, 063 a few minutes ago. I am struggling with a mixture of emotions, foremost of which is exhaustion, but also involved are relief, gratitude, pride and – oddly enough – a craving for coconut shrimp.

Now I take the rest of today off to recuperate, then get down to the much more diffcult task of carving out the excessive amounts of padding included to get to 50K words in 30 days. Then I still have about 1/4 of the story left to write.  My one true and passionate goal is to finish a first draft by New Year.

I just wanted to boast, brag, indulge myself momentarily… and now thank the people who showed me support and understanding during the past 30 days (28 really, I did start late.). So thanks everybody who showed an interest and gave words of encouragement. Thanks to my magnificent boyos who were patient and understanding when Daddy needed just 20 more minutes to write on Sunday morning before watching Super Hero Squad. Most of all, thanks to my lovely missus, who whups my ass when necessary, bandages my wounds and my ego when required, and always tells me that she thinks I’m brilliant, even when I know I’m just taking up space.

Love you all, and see ya next November suckas!


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