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HOT SINATRA #80 on the NOIR list!


Hot on the heels of the #1 placement of LET IT SNOW…

My beautiful, boozy, battle-scarred baby, HOT SINATRA is ranking #80 in the PAID Kindle list for NOIR!!!!

If you haven’t picked it up yet, now is the perfect time. $3 on Kindle for a rip-roaring, rollicking badass tale of shamus-on-the-rocks, damsel-in-distress and punk-rockin’ precociousness all wrapped up in a Chandleresque bowtie.

“Scratches the same itch as Raymond Chandler.”
“A Sam Spade novel mixed with a Rat Pack movie.”
“If you dig the quirky characters and wild action of Elmore Leonard, pick up Hot Sinatra!”

Also, Now Dig This…

The Audiobook version will debut September 23, 2013!

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