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BEHOLD! #FURR by Axel Howerton The Movie! (well, the book trailer… but, still…)

“From the South, three sisters fair ran athwart the gloom. Dressed of fur, and fierce of tooth, the maidens of the moon.”

You want Halloween? I’ll give you Halloween.

BEHOLD! The trailer for #FURR by Axel Howerton

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Available now on Amazon – http://bit.ly/AxelHowFurr

*Special thanks to Eyecrave Productions for the title graphics and the legendary Forbidden Dimension for use of their song “Werewolf Bongo Party”

$8 #Furr on Amazon! Halloween pre-sale!

Hey American friends! Tired of all of the election noise? Ready to get in the mood for All Hallow’s Eve? Why not set your inner wolf loose and pick up FURR for less than $8 (regular $12.95) and you can pick up the kindle for $4!

It’s already showing up in the lists for Gothic and Supernatural… be the cool kid that had it before everybody else!