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Coffin Hop Art Show! Axel Howerton Coffin Hop Sched!

So the Big To-Do starts in two weeks and I thought I’d give y’all a heads-up…

I want to throw an art show for the #CoffinHop

So get to work on your brightest, boldest and bad-assinest¬† objet d’art and get ready to submit it to my #CoffinHop gallery right here on AxelHowerton.com, I will provide the email addy for submission on the 24th.

Any kind of art, sculpture, fingerpaint, oils, acrylics, peanut-butter jelly on toast… doesn’t matter. I’ll make a gallery for the pics of all of your masterpieces and we will take votes-by-comment. The winner gets an original Axel Howerton acrylic-on-canvass of themselves transformed into some horroriffic legend.¬† Maybe you’re a Norman-in-Drag, a Frankenstein’s Manservant, or a hunchbacked Igor with a high heel fetish…

The winner of the art contest will also receive an autographed copy of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN (signed only by me, but whatchagonnado? Gorram expensive postal service, right?)

Also receiving an autographed copy of DBD, as well as a horde of other Axel Howerton books and swaggarillo will be the Best Hopper of the Week (visitor) on my site, as chosen by ME. There will also be a BEST IN HOP prize, including the 2013 Reaper Award for the Most Excellent Hopper (member). Previous winners include Red Tash and Julie Jansen.

Here’s some other highlights I have planned for AxelHowerton.com (subject to change, substitution and food-poisoning related dietary restriction) :

Oct 24 – Announcing CH2013, Death By Drive-In and the CH Art Show

Oct 25 – Some kind of shenanigans involving the giveaway of (2) sets of Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy and Career Guide to Your Job in Hell ebooks

Oct 26 – Movie Day! This years live-tweet monstrosity? The legend that is The Crow: Wicked Prayer! Mayhaps with extra Scott Phillips and guest Ramone!

Oct 27 – Poetry on the Fly! You show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Let It Snow and Clones Fairies and Monsters in the Closet giveaways

Oct 28 – Hot Sinatra, Deconstructing Moss and a new Moss Cole story?!

Oct 29 – TBD, Maybe a whole new horror short story?

Oct 30 – Devil’s Night! Who is Doktor Gravotronik?

Oct 31 – The Big NIght. Somebody wins an entire Axel Howerton e-library!!!

Nov 1 – Wrap-up and Art Show / GP Winners – 2013 Reaper Award Winner announcement!