Coffin Hop Art Show! Axel Howerton Coffin Hop Sched!

So the Big To-Do starts in two weeks and I thought I’d give y’all a heads-up…

I want to throw an art show for the #CoffinHop

So get to work on your brightest, boldest and bad-assinest  objet d’art and get ready to submit it to my #CoffinHop gallery right here on, I will provide the email addy for submission on the 24th.

Any kind of art, sculpture, fingerpaint, oils, acrylics, peanut-butter jelly on toast… doesn’t matter. I’ll make a gallery for the pics of all of your masterpieces and we will take votes-by-comment. The winner gets an original Axel Howerton acrylic-on-canvass of themselves transformed into some horroriffic legend.  Maybe you’re a Norman-in-Drag, a Frankenstein’s Manservant, or a hunchbacked Igor with a high heel fetish…

The winner of the art contest will also receive an autographed copy of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN (signed only by me, but whatchagonnado? Gorram expensive postal service, right?)

Also receiving an autographed copy of DBD, as well as a horde of other Axel Howerton books and swaggarillo will be the Best Hopper of the Week (visitor) on my site, as chosen by ME. There will also be a BEST IN HOP prize, including the 2013 Reaper Award for the Most Excellent Hopper (member). Previous winners include Red Tash and Julie Jansen.

Here’s some other highlights I have planned for (subject to change, substitution and food-poisoning related dietary restriction) :

Oct 24 – Announcing CH2013, Death By Drive-In and the CH Art Show

Oct 25 – Some kind of shenanigans involving the giveaway of (2) sets of Living Dead at Zigfreidt & Roy and Career Guide to Your Job in Hell ebooks

Oct 26 – Movie Day! This years live-tweet monstrosity? The legend that is The Crow: Wicked Prayer! Mayhaps with extra Scott Phillips and guest Ramone!

Oct 27 – Poetry on the Fly! You show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Let It Snow and Clones Fairies and Monsters in the Closet giveaways

Oct 28 – Hot Sinatra, Deconstructing Moss and a new Moss Cole story?!

Oct 29 – TBD, Maybe a whole new horror short story?

Oct 30 – Devil’s Night! Who is Doktor Gravotronik?

Oct 31 – The Big NIght. Somebody wins an entire Axel Howerton e-library!!!

Nov 1 – Wrap-up and Art Show / GP Winners – 2013 Reaper Award Winner announcement!

7 thoughts on “Coffin Hop Art Show! Axel Howerton Coffin Hop Sched!”

  1. I would love to be transformed into a horrific monster!! That’s an amazing prize!!

    I was posting that I was excited to check out your books to discuss on my blog, when I noticed LET IT SNOW. I reviewed that for my Holiday Horror Binge & Purge of 2012! Honestly, I believe ‘A Manlove & Kickerdick Xmess’ was one of my favorites in that anthology. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my own blog at the time, I had it on a different host site – one that shut down abruptly, before I could back up my posts. I cried! I put so much time and effort into my Holiday Horror Binge & Purge (see my review of ‘A HACKED UP HOLIDAY MASSACRE’ to see how I review anthologies) –
    I’ve been rewriting them between other books and posts, and will eventually reblog the entire 2012 holiday post.

    I’m heading over to Goodreads to recommend you to a friend & fellow blogger – he’s a big fan of the gritty, noir, private-eye genre – and has not been satisfied with the things he’s found. HOT SINATRA looks perfect!
    Do you have anything available in Audio format yet?

    Two more random comments…
    ¹ At the end of the fifth paragraph, this sentence… “Gorram expensive postal service, right?”… Should that read “Goddamn”?
    ² I am trying to get accepted into this year’s Coffin Hop. I have submitted my blog (via email). Even though I’m not an author, my blog is all horror and I think I could really help to promote the event. You took a look at my blog, do you think that I have a chance of being accepted? (I won’t be mad if you say “No” 🙂 Promise!

    I’m so happy you took the time to look at my blog, thank you very much!
    Have a great night, Alex!
    P, L, & Necrophilia ❤

  2. Hey SG

    Numero Uno: I have replied to your email re: CH.

    The Deuce: “Gorram” is a “Firefly” reference for all my Browncoat Biznitches.

    Tres: It’s “Axel”, but I won’t hold that against you, everybody does it the first few times.

    Quatro: HOT SINATRA is currently being professionally produced for audio, and I am working on something with the great Amy K. Marshall for the Coffin Hop.

    Fifthsky: If you love anthologies, and promise to review the shit out of it, I’ll drop you an ARC of the new COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN antho debuting next week.

    Sixness: There are HOT SINATRA related stories in both LET IT SNOW, and the Big Pulp anthology CLONES, FAIRIES & MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET… also, there are a couple under “Axel Howerton” on Wattpad, that will be soon collected with the others. Also, I am *planning* on finishing a new Mossimo Cole story for CH.

    September – Thanks for such a lovely conversation on my blergh.

    Ocho – Enter the art contest and you may get one of my crappy lowbrow paintings of you as a binging & purging shadow girrrl.

  3. These aren’t in order because my brain is on shuffle mode, and I no habla anyways!
    *I promise to review the shit out of COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, pinkey promise! I love the cover! It reminds me if the Urban Legend where the couple parks out on Lover’s Lane. Creepy. That will be your third appearance on BBB, the second one showed up out of nowhere… 😮 ( )
    *I’m going to be skimming through LET IT SNOW very soon, just to refresh my memory so I can re-write the lost review – I’ll keep my eye out for references. But, (it’s been almost a year, so don’t hold this against me if I’m wrong…) I remember Manlove & Kickerdick driving the mob guy & his son to [the place], where would I have met Moss?
    *I have an account on Wattpad, I’ll be sure to check you out over there.
    *’September’ = Siete 😉 See! Auto co-wreck! Happens to the best of us! Or, you’re funnier than I realized
    *Can I still enter now that I’m a CH member?

    I’m off to work on my CH post!! Thank you!!

  4. You can most definitely still enter. Everything I do is absolutely intentional, auto-co-wreckers be damned!

    Hot Sinatra is the main home of Mossimo Cole, who does not appear in the M&L stories… yet… There have been a few short-short promo pieces with Moss, which I believe are all up on Wattpad, or available in my exclusive ebook swag “Moss Reconstructed” which I only give away in prize packs. Eventually I will collect the M&L and the MOss stuff, and some other criminalistic shenanigans in one big magilla. For you though? I’ll send a copy 😉


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