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Vonnegut’s Asterisk

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. survived being a WWII POW (including being ensconced in the middle of the firebombing of Dresden) and used the experience to write one of the great time-travel stories of all time (next to Twain’s Connecticut Yankee). He was a man for whom black comedy was its own language and a man who bathed himself, and his works, in satire so deep and wide as to drown the rest of the world. A man so revered by the ‘geeks’ of the world he had an asteroid named after him. The man who gave us Kilgore Trout, Billy Pilgrim, Francine Pefko and Rabo Karabekian, not to mention the amazingly compact social commentary of short stories like “Harrison Bergeron”. Continue reading Vonnegut’s Asterisk

One week til’ Xmess… how ’bout some Holiday Rex!

As any long-time victims fans of this here page will know, I have a certain predilection for ending the year with a parade of tunes and videos. It’s been a busy year, so Xmess month has become Xmess week. Let the festivites begin!

Ain’t no kinda season til you get a little Rex…

And I promised #1 Son that I would post HIS favorite Xmess jam as well. I hereby gift unto you what he refers to as “Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Christmas Power”. It can certainly be argued that if Rex is the apotheosis of Glam, The Darkness is its inevitable descent into irrelevant madness.

It really does sound like it could be from the Bill & Ted Excellent Christmas Special. Yep. Point to Koji. This is righteous, joyful and most triumphant.

Take me out to the ballgame…

My lovely, talented and amazing wife, Liz Howerton of, was out at the ballgame with me this afternoon and she picked out this one perfect moment that resulted in what is now one of my favorite baseball pics of all-time. Even though it’s just a handful of Babe Ruth league players in a abandoned and disused AA ball park, she has captured the very spirit of the game. Angles and lines, augmented by repeated curves. Textures split by depths of field. Pure springtime magic.

Take me out to the ballgame.

I suggest you all go check out her work and then all go check out a ballgame, any ballgame, and drink deep the days of summer. I’m hoping this gets me off my ass and finishing up my baseball crime story, Big Toots Requiem.

In other news – my latest story, featuring the gruesome twosome of Manlove and Kickerdick (of Hot Sinatra infamy) 999 Problems is out for submission with the inimitable BIG PULP. Hopefully they fare better than Moss Cole did in the Poisoned Pen contest. Obviously not the kind of detective story they were looking for. No hard feelings.

Also, Red Tash and I have finished a boss new script for an upcoming Steampunk comic project. Long story short? It entails an alternate modernity where Brittania rules most of the Earth, Pa Bush and the Bush boys have teamed up with a cyborg Ronnie Raygun and are running roughshod over the last holdouts in the New West, where their terrorist tendencies and underhanded greed and war-mongering are leading towards one final crisis. The civilized world’s last hope? Cap’n Harry Windsor of the Imperial Aero Corps. Mr Blue Sky, himself!

We’ve been set up with a kick-ass artist in Steven Yarbrough, and have already planned this out into a new novel project for next year. First we have to finish our current collabo-novel as well as umpteen other projects. I’ve just finished two scripts for Nic Caesar’s horror comic projects (to be drawn by the lovely Jill Riker and Lou bloody Rusconi!) and am hard at work on stories for my “Airborne Heroes” collection, as well as Senior (Señor?) editorial duties on the Coffin Hop 2012 anthology, which has some amazing work attached. Busy beaver, baby!