One week til’ Xmess… how ’bout some Holiday Rex!

As any long-time victims fans of this here page will know, I have a certain predilection for ending the year with a parade of tunes and videos. It’s been a busy year, so Xmess month has become Xmess week. Let the festivites begin!

Ain’t no kinda season til you get a little Rex…

And I promised #1 Son that I would post HIS favorite Xmess jam as well. I hereby gift unto you what he refers to as “Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Christmas Power”. It can certainly be argued that if Rex is the apotheosis of Glam, The Darkness is its inevitable descent into irrelevant madness.

It really does sound like it could be from the Bill & Ted Excellent Christmas Special. Yep. Point to Koji. This is righteous, joyful and most triumphant.


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