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Coffin Hop Art Show!

*****Well kids, I think what we have here is a five-way tie, since the votes weren’t left in the comments. But Cole JH (and his little brother The Bubser) broke the tie and both voted for Jo’s pumpkin family. So… JOANNA PARYPINSKI! COME ON DOWN! You win an autographed limited edition DEATH BY DRIVE-IN, “Hipster Leatherface” and a boatload of swag! Email me your current whereabouts and I’ll ship it out as soon as I find a suitable frame for Mr. Face.*****



This year we’re kicking off with a little art show.

So get to work on your brightest, boldest and bad-assinest  objet d’art and get ready to submit it to my #CoffinHop gallery right here on Make your beast and send me pictures by email with the subject line: ART SHOW to

Any kind of art, sculpture, fingerpaint, oils, acrylics, peanut-butter jelly on toast… doesn’t matter. I’ll make a gallery for the pics of all of your masterpieces and we will take votes-by-comment (obviously my own creations are precluded from winning, but you can still mock them freely). The winner-by-votes by October 31st gets an original Axel Howerton acrylic-on-canvass of themselves transformed into some horroriffic legend.  Maybe you’re a Norman-in-Drag, a Frankenstein’s Manservant, a hipster Leatherface, Mike Myers Micheal Myers, Fat Elvis or a hunchbacked Igor with a high heel fetish…

The winner of the art contest will also receive an autographed copy of DEATH BY DRIVE-IN!

Leave your comments to vote for the winner, and have a chance at winning the Grand Prize at the end of the week. Best commenter from all CH posts wins SWAG-O-RAMA!