Furr review! Con Morte on sale!

Hey gang!

Oh what a day! What a lovely day!

Photo 2017-09-28, 8 02 45 PMAfter last night’s launch of #ConMorte (where we had no actual books to sell) and a stellar reading –  which should be up later this weekend on the Coffin Hop Press Youtube page – I woke up to some grand news.

#1 – Coffin Hop is offering 25% off any paperback sales through their E-Store, just go to www.coffinhop.com/store and click on the E-Store link by the book. Enter the code G6XJ72SQ when you check out!

#2 – Coffin Hop is also putting the ebook versions of #ConMorte on sale for a buck! From October 1 to October 11 (Canadian Thanksgiving), get my new book for a dollar on Kindle or Kobo! So pick it up! And don’t forget to leave a review! Those confirmed purchase reviews are the number one way to help a brother out.

#3 – Speaking of reviews: There’s a fabulous new review of my last book, #Furr on the SQS Reviews site. “one of those books that you wish you could read for the first time again, and again, and again” Thanks to Michelle at SQS for making my whole bloody year with that one!

I’ll be celebrating Alberta Culture all this weekend at the Alexandra Writers Centre in the new CSpace facility. Come on down if you’re in the #YYC. Either way, have a great weekend!

– Axel


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