Uno Moss for your Ereader!

Uno MossFCAfter a long wait and a successful short run in print, my short story mini-collection of HOT SINATRA spinoffs UNO MOSS… is finally available to the public for FREE!

A fistful of previously published (and one brand new) stories featuring the misfits, mooks, and manbeasts of the Hot Sinatra famiglia.

Kobo, Google Play , Kindle (may still be $0.99, but those jamokes need a little nudging to give up their seventy cents), Smashwords, and coming soon on iTunes. Go pick it up! It’s funny, it’s sweet, and it’s filled with two-fisted dicks, literary badassery, and unseemly shenanigans! JUST CLICK HERE

2 thoughts on “Uno Moss for your Ereader!”

  1. Thanks! I got a free copy on Smashwords and shared the Coffin Hop version of the page on Twitter. So hopefully some people take advantage of the offer! 🙂
    I did check Amazon and made a report about the lower price, though I don’t think they have that same option in the Australia store. I’ll check back later to see whether it changes.
    Thanks and have a nice rest of the week!


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