A couple of great podcasts I recorded back in December are making their way online today:

13124571_10153983755855071_7055433892170487120_n12 Minute Convos with Engel Jones: #747 – Axel Howerton

Engel was nice enough to feature me on his fabulous showcase of passionate talents. I believe I was number 747 of 1000 podcasts he was trying to record within a one year period, headed towards a Guinness world record. We talked about inspiration, finding passion in your work, and a hell of a lot more in a mere 12 minutes. Please be sure to check out his other recordings with hundreds and hundreds of other inspirational self-starters from every walk of life. Don’t forget to subscribe in whatever way suits you!



300x300_11921960Just Joshing with Joshua Pantalleresco

I was glad to spend an hour chatting with Josh about everything from Black Dynamite to Ray Bradbury, and all points in-between. There’s a tiny patch of dead air just before the interview starts, don’t change that channel! A great conversation was had, and I am heretofore labeled “Hot Gothic”.



I’ll also be adding these to the INTERVIEWS section under TIDBITS & BISCUITS


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