Thanks and salutations, CWC!

I have just officially retired my position as Prairies Region Director of the Crime Writers of Canada. This was not due to any drama or conflict, and not in any way politically or idealogically motivated. I just simply haven’t had the time to properly attend to my duties as a representative of the membership.

I’d like to thank all of the other members of the board, and our fabulous chair, Cathy Ace, all of whom are working hard to do great things for the CWC.

I’ve been knee-deep in this new book series, teaching classes, writing columns, setting up anthologies at CHP, etc. etc. etc. etc. and I feel like my commitment to the CWC was falling through the cracks, which isn’t fair to the rest of the board, or the members at large. I have every confidence that my fellow prairies reps on the board – Kevin Thornton and Dave Poulsen – will keep everything well in hand.

While I am stepping down from that position, I am still a member of the Crime Writers of Canada, and fully expect to remain so for a long time. It’s a fine organization, with a great history and a spectacularly talented membership of Canadian authors, and I am very proud to have served them in my years on the board.

Now, back to work!

-Axel Howerton


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