#AxelHow at When Words Collide!


Delta Calgary South
135 Southland Drive SE
Calgary AB

Three days of panels, presentations and literary badassery.

#AXELHOW appearances to include:

KILL RANDY (special presentation) – 1pm Friday
Wherein I join two other authors in devising the perfect way to covertly murder Festival founder, the Duke of New York, A-Number-One, the Big Man… Randy McCharles!

Literary Leanings in Genre Fiction (panel discussion)  – 4pm Friday
A discussion of how to add literary elements to your speculative fiction.

#NOIRBARYYC – 9pm Friday (Boomtown pub)
The annual SuperNoirBar gets underway at 9PM  in the Boomtown Pub!

TYCHE BOOKS PRESENTS (Publisher Presentation)- 12pm Saturday
Including a first-look at my new novel #Furr

Publish, or publish (50 min workshop) – 2pm Saturday
My patented take on all things publishing – indie, hybrid and traditional!

Fifty Shades of Mystery (panel discussion) – 3pm Saturday
A discussion of the various strains of crime fiction with Jayne Barnard, Dwayne Clayden and Mahrie G. Reid

Autograph Session (open to the public) – 8pm Saturday
Come on by, say hello, get your books inked in person!

Mystery & Speculative Crossovers (panel discussion)  – 10am Sunday
You got genre in my mystery! You got crime in my spec-fic! Two great tastes that go great together!

Live Action Slush: Urban Fantasy (special presentation) – 1pm Sunday
Emerging writers can have their work read and critiqued by established authors in the Urban Fantasy genre

Publishers Panel: Short Fiction (panel discussion) – 2pm Sunday
Publishers and editors discussing industry trends in short fiction.

Writing From the Shadows: Noir and Hardboiled (50 min workshop)- 4pm Sunday
A one-hour intensive encapsulation of my fiction class exploring the ins and outs of hardboiled and noir fiction.

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Check out www.whenwordscollide.org for more details


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