Follow me on Book Bub, or face the wrath of Milo!

There’s this maniac that lives inside my left ventricle. He only comes out when the moon is full, or I get despondent over the latest social networking shenanigans and start to feel like I’m not being imaginary followed by enough not-quite-real-to-me people. His name is Milo. He calls himself “Doctor Milo”, but his credentials are sketchy – at best. This deranged lunatic is something like George “The Animal” Steele, but better looking and somewhat voyeuristic. He likes to get sweaty and watch the dudes unload the trucks out behind the 7-11 at 3am, all the while huffing cans of spray cheez and groping a small plush llama.

So I need to ask you all a little favour. If you’re hip to the whole BookBub scene, swing on by and follow my profile. It’ll help a brother out immensely, and will give you the inside edge on new books when they are about to launch! It may also enable us to get #FURR in there in the fall and offer you all up a little treat.

Just go to

Save us all from the creep on the right down there, and then feel the love I’m blasting out into the atmosphere for ya!

File 2016-05-06, 2 00 56 PM

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