New reviews on #Furr – Get it while it’s HOT!

Spells Spirits 200x300Two new reviews of the SPELLS & SPIRITS box set feature kindly words about my little modern gothic, werewolves-and-magicians tale #Furr !

… Howerton hooks you in from the first page and never lets go, and not only because he concocted the perfect antihero to root for, but because he also brings you into a world so realistic that it hits quite close to home… rich storytelling with twists and turns that leave you breathless until you hit the last page… highly recommended for anyone who loves supernatural elements without annoying romance.” 5 STARS

What do you get when you mix the twisted, the supernatural, ancient folklore, and the painfully real modern world? A crazy story that will make you wonder just what you got yourself into… Populated by a collection of characters you definitely want to have a drink with, but then hide in your basement while you count your fingers and toes afterward, this tale does not disappoint.” 5 STARS

ONLY available in the SPELLS & SPIRITS box set, and ONLY for a limited time. Pick it up now! 7 BOOKS FOR A BUCK!!!


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