Thank you Canada! #Spells&Spirits is Number TWO with a silver bullet!

Thank you Canada!
The SPELLS AND SPIRITS box set, featuring my new “modern gothic werewolf tale” FURR has reached #2 on the Kindle list ( for Paranormal Fiction, and #3 in Urban Fantasy as of this morning!

We’re also sitting way the hell up in the 50’s on the US lists, which is insane! If you haven’t yet, PICK IT UP! 5 novels and 2 novellas by some of Canada’s best Urban Fantasy authors, including Krista D. Ball, Skyla Dawn Cameron and the legendary Charles De Lint! Not to mention Randy McCharles fantastic MUCH ADO ABOUT MACBETH, and my werewolf-strippers-and-mad-magicians-in-the-kootenays novel FURR!

Spells&Spirits-lg (1)



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