Tall Tales of the Weird West is Live! Happy launch day! Get a free copy!

Tall Tales of the Weird West, which features my story “The Horse Always Gets It First” is available now from Coffin Hop Press in pretty much every format from every retailer imaginable. They are also offering up a handful of free digital copies to celebrate the release. Go to the Coffin Hop Press site to find out more or click here to find yourself a copy!


And it’s not just me in there. Some of my favorite writers and very best pals are in there as well:

Scott Phillips; “Jackson Lowry”; C. Courtney Joyner, the Professor Emeritus of Spaghetti Westerns; the inimitable Craig Garrett… and some very cool new dudes like Rick Overwater (who does the awesome comic Futility); the madman of the Pecos Andes, El Cuchillo; Allan Williams aka Bassano del Grappa; and some dude named Grady Cole who is apparently very handsome, incredibly intelligent, and shares names with both of my children and the hero of my novel Hot Sinatra (strange co-inkeedinks)

Tall tales of weird wonder and ten-gallon terror! Get it in your eyeballs!


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