#CoffinHop 2014 wrap-up

Hey kids,

Sorry for the lateness of my wrap-up post. You know how it is… Halloween comes around, the kids get lit on cookies n’ cream bars, little bags of cheezies and full-size Coffee Crisp… next thing you know it’s up-all-night, barfin’-on-the-credenza, sleepin’-it-off-until-noon, and then another day long fight to keep the candy feed-bag hidden until their pancrease start functioning again. It’s a vicious fucking circle, folks.

In any case, another #CoffinHop has come to a close, hopefully with a few new fans, a bunch of new friends, and a throbbing headache the size of Baltimore about to subside just in time for winter to set in and the snow to bury us all for the nonce.

A million thanks to our most excellent participants, my glorious friends and supportive family, and all of you wonderful readers, creeprs and hoppers, for whom we throw this shindig every year. Again, special thanks to R.L.  Treadway of atrtink.com and the omnipotent Nina D’Arcangela for all of their help in keeping the train on the rails. NOW, without further adieu… here are the winners on AxelHow.com:

DEAD POETRY JAM WINNERS: (each winner will receive one of the listed eBook prizes – to be emailed later this week)
Johanna Pitcairn
Gigi’s Rants and Raves
R.L. Treadway
Jan Hersh
Ash Krafton

Kim Koning
R.L. Livesay

Coffin Hop:Death By Drive-In eBook (AxelHow.com)
Hayley Scully

Coffin Hop:Death By Drive-In Trade Paperback (CoffinHop Press)

Mystery Swag Bag:
A.F. Stewart

I will be emailing all of the winners early next week. Thanks again for visiting http://www.axelhow.com , for Hopping with us, and for participating in our contests and fun! Stay tuned for more news on new Axel Howerton projects soon, and subscribe to our NEWSLETTER to stay up on all of the latest, as it happens!

2 thoughts on “#CoffinHop 2014 wrap-up”

  1. Thank you so much for putting together Coffin hop. I look forward to it each year. It gives me a chance to check out new and old writers and put together a to read list of new books to get me thru the winter months! A loyal hopper Bev


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