Thanks and salutations @Creepywalker and @Sotet_Angyal , my #CoffinHop Demon Crew!

Unless you’ve thrown one of these blog hop shindigs, and I know some of you may have, you’ll have no idea how much work it actually is. Every year it threatens to irreparably break my back and drain the mucous from my brain. This year, I have been SAVED from on high (or deep in the ninth circle of hellfire and brimstone) by the most hellacious and bodacious of guardian angels. So I wanted to take a second for a huge #COFFINHOP SHOUTOUT of admiration and appreciation for Nina D’Arcangela and R.L. Treadway who have taken it upon themselves to help me out with tweeting and reposting #CoffinHop posts on the Facebook page (which you can follow HERE if you want all the down and dirty on this years event as-it-happens)

So if you haven’t swung by their sites yet, GET ON OVER THERE and support these magnificent writers/artists/publishers/participants who show exactly why Indie creators are the absolute goddamn BEST.

Here’s all the places you can find Nina “The Hardest Working Woman in Fiction” D’Arcangela:


Spreading the Writer’s Word
The Road to Nowhere…

and the Sirens Call Publications blog:
The Sirens Song

And if you’re a writer looking for covers, editing, formatting, etc. WHY THE FUNK aren’t you already working with R.L. Treadway and ATRTINK? She’s the best in the biz, and the creator of most of our amazing #CoffinHop art, including the main page image at (where I will remind you once again, you can find the entire Hop list with every one of our spectacular participants!)


Coffin Hop 2014

One thought on “Thanks and salutations @Creepywalker and @Sotet_Angyal , my #CoffinHop Demon Crew!”

  1. I have to say, the hop this year is just amazing. Not that it wasn’t amazing last year, but it seems we’re finding a pace, and coming back and checking what everyone is doing year to year just fills me with inspiration, joy and love. Gee what did you to me people? This little one is being emotional all of a sudden. Let’s go, now… Let’s wipe my tears of joy with a bloody sleeve and find more brains!! 🙂 Thanks for all the hard work.


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