#CoffinHop Pumpkinpalooza Down!

Yeah, today was supposed to be the Pumpkinpalooza fandango over at my sister’s house. A truckload of prime Jack-O-lannern materials, kids running in the streets, blood raining from the skies, demons feeding on the souls of virgins, dogs and cats living together… MASS HYSTERIA! Unfortunately, The Koj (#1 son) seems to have had a relapse of stomach flu from last week and heaved up a plate of cinnamon waffles on the floor, as kids are wont to do this close to All Hallow’s Candy Reaping.

We may get to these pathetic muhrfuhhrs later in the evening…

Photo 2014-10-26, 2 15 16 PM

…in which case I’ll post some pics tomorrow.  For now, enjoy the annual posting of the GREATEST JACK O’LANNERN VIDEO EVER MADE… (This guy even inspired a character in my novel HOT SINATRA)

NOT SUITABLE FOR THE SQUEAMISH (lots of Halloween gore) OR THE SENSITIVE OF HEARING (those opposed to excessive profanity)

First up, the all-time classic. I base most of my life on this one short piece of fackin’ beauty. I give you, once again:

The Jack-Chop.


And the “sequel” Just Take One.

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