Noir at the Bar YYC – coming October 14!

NBYYC Oct14 2014Following a long tradition of events, beginning in Philadelphia and gaining traction in St Louis and Chi-town, before blazing across the globe and (eventually) coming to my home and native land of Canada, I am very proud to announce the very first NOIR AT THE BAR event in my very own hometown of Calgary, Alberta.

There are not a whole hell of a lot of outlets for crime-writers in this ‘burg, and after seeing the success people like Scott Phillips (author of The Ice Harvest) have had with their events, and hearing about recent happenings in Toronto and Ottawa, I took it upon myself to bring the “booze, broads and bullets” motif to my own town.

Noir at the Bar was started by Pete Rozovsky in Philadelphia back in June of 2008 with special guest Duane Swierczynski. Erstwhile crime fans and most excellent authors Scott Phillips (The Ice Harvest) and Jedidiah Ayres (Peckerwood) soon launched their own event in St. Louis, which subsequently took the Crime Fiction world by storm. They launched not one, but two anthologies of mad noir fiction, and brought the idea into the open, with events popping up across the US and all the way to London and Paris. With recent events in Ottawa and the big TO, I thought it high time we visited the shadows here in YYC.


Participating local authors to include:

Jayne Barnard
Loraine Dearstyne Fowlow
Axel Howerton
Shauna Lee
Jodi McIsaac
Catherine Saykaly-Stevens

Dwayne Clayden

Randy McCharles

and Craig DiLouie

If you are in or around Calgary on Tuesday, October 14 come on down to Dickens Pub (1000 – 9 Ave SW) and join in on the mischief and mayhem. This also falls right in the middle of Calgary’s annual literary festival, Wordfest. If you’re a local-type writer and want to get involved, drop me a line. You can also check out our Facebook Group for more info, or join the FB event

NBYYC Oct14 2014 UMA



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