#AstoryAweek and Happy 2014

El McNeato herself, The Jessica McHugh, hipped me to this #AstoryAweek deal for 2014 which is apparently the year of the Short Story or some such, which suits me just fine. I’ve been needing a long-term kick in the pantaloons to get some work done.

I hereby solemnly swear to write a story a week for the entirety of The Year of Our Dude 2014.

I probably won’t, but I’ll give it my damnedest, starting with adding a new Category up there at the top for ASAW. Keep on top of me, kick me in the balls when necessary, berate and bemoan my laziness when I fall behind.

In the meantime, whilst I set up shop. Go check out McHugh and her list of fellows and see what they’re up to.

And pick up her just-today-released mad steampunkery tale of werebees and espionagey THE MAIDEN VOYAGE

Also, Happy New Year, muhrrfuhhrs. Let’s kick it’s ass.


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