Axel Howerton for your Nooksies and Kindlers!

OdinSantaHappy Boxing Day!

I sincerely hope you all had the very best of Holidays. To all my friends, family, fans and onlookers, I offer my very best wishes for you and yours.

Me, I’m sipping on Italian roast from my new coffee maker, using my lovely Dr Who mug from my boys, chomping at the bit to get into a pile of excellent new books and loading up some new stuff on my Kobobo…

And since it’s the time-honored day of sales and shilling…

Don’t forget the Axel Howerton ebooks for your new Nooksies and Kindlers.

Check out the AVAILABLE NOW section for all your Axel Howerton fictional needs. Or just click here

Zombies, Chupacabras, smexy detectives, punk rock rebels, sex-performer sweetie pies moonlighting as thugs-for-hire, Dudely ruminating, dark poetry, Coffin Hopping, Jobs from Hell, and so much more…

Love and Eggnog,



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