Help Stand Up for Girls on October 11

October 11, the good folks over at children’s literacy charity LitWorld will be asking the world to “Stand Up for Girls”

Going back to school is a sacred right that belongs to every child. Help spread the Stand Up for Girls movement as we gear up for the October 11th Day of the Girl. Make a donation to LitWorld to create meaningful learning opportunities for girls around the world. Rally your community with an event and motivate your friends and followers online to #standup4girls alongside you. Watch and share the Stand Up for Girls campaign video and click here for more ideas on how to share the campaign on social media




Please help spread the word about this very worthy cause, and stay tuned for more news on COFFIN HOP, including the upcoming release of our COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN anthology (which I have been compiling and working on for the last couple of years), all proceeds of which go to benefit LitWorld. Many, if not most, of our Coffin Hop members are of the feminine persuasion, and their literacy is a foregone conclusion, as is the case with most of us here in the “first world”. Many girls, and women, in the rest of the world are not so fortunate. Let’s help to solve that problem.


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