Two new Axel Howerton interviews…

30756_origYep.. Two new interviews with little ol’ me.

First up is a post on the excellent Susan Finlay Writes

Susan offers up a detailed overview of my ouvre and inspirations, as well as a cool snippet of HOT SINATRA that is not usually featured.


Secondly, is an extensive conversation with one of my favorite dudes, the immensely talented indie filmmaker Frankie Frain, writer-director of I NEED TO LOSE TEN POUNDS, A-BO THE HUMONKEY and SEXUALLY FRANK. We bust forth on my history in DVD and Entertainment journalism, the DVD revolution, the state of the Film culture and the ins-and-outs of reviewing 500 movies a week. Check it out on DISCOUNT FILM SCHOOL

Also, I hear the audiobook of HOT SINATRA is coming along nicely, as well as Italian, Spanish and French translations in the works. I hope those Italian readers don’t take it too personally 😉

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a bag of 100% Kona with my name on it, just begging to be consumed in a hurricane of caffeine and inspirato.


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