HOT SINATRA – 99 Cents on Amazon 3 day deal!

That’s right kids,

Mossimo Cole and his whole crazy catalog of miscreants, con-men, thugs and dames, is on sale at Amazon for $0.99 from now til Tuesday!

If you haven’t picked it up yet, NOW is your chance to get hip, get wise and get in on the adventure of the year! Click that cover for the deal of a lifetime!

hot sinatra NC

Also, if you’re in the YYC, check me out in this week’s Beatroute magazine and next week’s FFWD leading in to the When Words Collide festival August 9-11, where I will be featured in three panels – “Violence in Literature”, “Pushing the Limits of Traditional Mystery” and “We Are All Murderers”. I will also be signing at the IFWA sponsored table throughout the weekend, and reading some Manlove & Kickerdick on Sunday morning! Here’s a pic of the Beatroute write-up by local badass Red Hayes and featuring an author pic by Liz Howerton Photography.



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